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24-hour turnaround - Double Sided Prototype


Printed circuit board assembly with lightning-fast turn-around times

If you need it fast - Iconic PCB gets the job done

Australia-wide Shipping PCB Prototype Service

We deliver PCB prototypes anywhere in Australia

Iconic PCB

We help customers design hardware today and prototype tomorrow.

We make brassboards, prototype, samples and small production runs.

We recognise the importance of fast and accurate prototype production with meaningful feedback directly to design team.

Our manufacturing processes are radically different from the conventional art. It is this difference which allows us to provide the speedy solutions.

In order to minimise the cost of prototype, the board designer needs to be aware of our process attributes. With every new contact we shall clearly explain the process window and how to minimise costs of prototyping.

Case / Box Assembly

Our PCB casing and box assembly service gives you a streamlined, completed product with a range of different materials available for use in the construction of outer protective casings. We have limited milling and enclosure fascia engraving capability. We also rely on third party service providers capable of processing large enclosures.

IC Programming

We help manage the programming process before chips are mounted to boards. 

Functional Testing

Giving peace of mind before your printed circuit boards are shipped, our rugged functional testing services ensure pass/fail determinations.

Component Sourcing

We source components from reputable suppliers. If our clients have a particular preference for component manufacturer or supplier we are happy to meet their expectation.

Over the years Iconic PCB has generated a large network of component manufacturers we can pool products from.

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